• A collaborative conversation  around your practice

  • A chance to confront areas of difficulty within your work

  • A focus on building upon your strengths whilst noticing areas for development

  • A space to explore and release your own emotions coming from your work

  • A sharing of skills and concepts where useful

  • A safe place to inquire into ethical, practical and relational dilemmas

  • Friendly, caring and respectful

We provide clinical supervision in the following ways:

  • Online – this can be done in either an individual or group basis.

  • In person – this is done on an individual basis either in your clinical setting or in our clinical setting.


Please contact us to discuss which option is most appropriate for you.

Some popular packages are listed on the Shop 2 page.


Unsure if you are doing the “right” thing?​

Frustrated with a client’s progress?

Cruising comfortably along and want to raise your game?​

​Need some

re-assurance that you are doing ok?

You can feel confident that you are providing high quality and effective work with clinical supervision, whatever type of mind-body work you specialise in e.g. osteopathy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, hypnotherapy, etc.​

"Sudhir provided an open space and platform for personal and professional development. The session was tailored to the individual's needs, whilst being directional where necessary".

Gen, physio student

"Organised, friendly, supportive".

Ann, nurse

"I like that he picks out the key points that have been discussed and offers it back so that each one can explore it further".

Avni, dentist

"Informative but professional with appropriate use of questions to challenge ideas/clinical reasoning".

Matt, physiotherapist

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